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How To Build Wealth From Nothing: The Greatest Secret Of Wealth Creation Of All Time Exposed

You are about to unlock the ultimate wealth creation secrets the rich have been using for centuries to create and grow their wealth. You will in this article learn how to build wealth from scratch with this powerful step-by-step guide. Do You Have The Winning Mindset That Will Make You Rich And Extremely Wealth? 

Learning the secret of wealth creation and money management

  •  Is this one of those attention-seeking blog posts?
  • Is there really any substance to this post?
  • Is it really possible to become a millionaire this year?
  • Somehow I am already a millionaire what next?
  • Can everyone ever become rich and achieve financial freedom in this lifetime?

One or more of the above questions may be yours, and then my answer for you is to read to the end!  But if your own question is not captured, feel free to drop your own question in the comment section below.

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Is there really some hidden secret to creating wealth and becoming super rich?  There is a saying in the local parlance that says 

If they tell some people what it takes to be rich, they will prefer to remain poor.
But the truth is that what it takes to be rich is an open secret staring at each and every one of us and the entity of this blog is about bringing us to that realization.  As we have always said; being poor or rich is not a function of the amount of money you have in your possession or the lack of it.  Poverty or wealth is the function of;

  • Your financial literacy level
  • Your money-making and management skills, but at the centre of the two above is;
  • Your mindset.

The mindset of an individual towards money is vital to whether he/she will be rich or poor.  Everything begins and ends in the mind.  The mindset of the lion is what makes it the king of the jungle, not its strength or speed.  So are we as humans, our mindset is what birth and guide both our actions and outcomes.  What makes each and every one of us who we are is our individual mindsets. 

What Is Mindset?

A person’s mindset is the collection of predetermined notions, ideas, or beliefs that are developed based on environmental influences and it could also be picked from personal experience, media influence, and educational background.  In other words, your perspective on money and wealth is your mindset. And your mindset informs your thoughts and decisions, and consequently your action or inaction.

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What Is Poverty Mindset?

A poverty mindset is a set of attitudes or beliefs, a method of thinking that is said to perpetuate poverty by focusing on things that demoralize and sap them of any form of making ideas and initiative that can make them rich.  How do you know you have a poverty mindset? if you are always saying things like; “I can't afford it” instead of “How can I afford it?”, “God will provide” when you are doing nothing that will be a channel through which God will provide. Or do you say to yourself any time you make some money; “let me eat and make merry after all this live ‘nah’ only once” instead of making investments for your future,  "Rich people are bad people”, “I am poor because am honest”, “I will never have enough money for this or that".  And some even quote the holy book wrongly by saying “Money is the root of all evil”.  Whether you are thinking it or saying it, it doesn’t matter but the fact remains that our thoughts and confession always turn out to be our self-fulfilling prophecies.  The good book says “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…”  

One distinguishing mindset that set the rich apart from the poor is that whereas the latter dream of becoming rich someday, travelling around the world, and living the good life, the rich don’t just dream, the rich set goals.  What is the difference you may ask? I will like to hear what you think in the comment section below.

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Dream Vs Goals

In the book: Why We Want You To Be Rich by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki.  Robert narrated the lesson he learned from Archbishop Vernon Ashe's sermon and said thus;

“Every goal has a process”

The statement from the bishop is profound and really the crux of this post today.  The poor dream of becoming rich without any process or plans put in place towards the actualization of the dream thus it remains a daydream and nothing more.  It is not uncommon to see people talk big with a lot of enthusiasm.  The problem with that is that they do nothing other than talk.  No commiserate action.  Many will go to the grave with their dreams intact not because the dreams were not achievable but because the dream bearers did nothing about it.

Robert went on to explain, “As he spoke I began to realize why so many people who have dreams fail to have their dreams come true.  The reason is most people have dreams but do not focus on the process necessary to achieve their dreams.  For example, many people want to lose weight.  But what gets in their way of achieving their goal is the process of change in diet and exercise.  So instead of achieving their goal, their dream of a healthier, more attractive body remains a dream”.

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In other words, the difference between a dream and a goal is the process.  The process of actualization of the dream is the goal and that is what makes all the difference.  The process towards attainment of the goals set. It is said that a reporter once asked Henry Ford what he will do should he lose his billion-dollar fortune and he replied, “I’d have it back in less than five years”.  That is only possible for those who had gone through the process to amass their wealth, not those that stumbled into money by inheritance or wins from lottery and sports betting or some strokes of luck, or by becoming a politician I must add there.  Yes! If you are in Nigeria where I am from you will know that Nigeria's political space is the biggest industry in the country and its players are the highest earners.  Moving on; those who found their secret formula are not afraid because they can always replicate the process.  Knowledge is everything.

 The Secret Of Wealth Creation: Personal Goal Setting  

The Advanced English Dictionary defines a goal as “the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve…” In other words, a goal can be said to be the representation of a dream, desire, or objective that you would like to achieve or a height you want to attend in the future.  Personal goal setting is taking proactive steps necessary to achieve your dream.  For example, if your goal is to become a millionaire at the end of 2023, you might want to write down the steps necessary to realize that dream and objective, which might include studying and acquiring money-making and management skills, getting a mentor, delivering value and solution.

Different research findings and experiences as well have shown a direct correlation between personal goals and individual success.  A goal has a way of helping an individual or organization to induce new behaviours and actions towards the desired outcome. According to Tony Robbins, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

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Importance Of Personal Goal Setting

Goals help you to plan for the life you want to live and it also motivates you to take action as such the importance of goal setting cannot be overstated.  Every rich and successful businessperson, athlete, influencer, and achiever you see and want to be like all achieve their success through proper planning and goal setting. Setting goals helps you make your mistakes on paper, gives you long-term vision and proper perspective as well as keeps you motivated.  Setting well-planned and clearly defined goals help you measure your progress and help you take pride in the achievement of the goals you set out to achieve. By setting and pursuing your goals you can stay focused and avoid unnecessary procrastination.  Setting and accomplishing your goals help you recognize your ability and competence and consequently raise your self-confidence. Goals let you identify and write down your objective, skill, and sequence of actions needed towards the accomplishment and reaching your end goal.

How The Rich Set Goal

The greater majority of all those that will read this post (if not 100% of the people) have set goals in the past.  An example of the goal I know you have set before is called New Year Resolutions.  That being said let me ask you; where is the one you set on the 1st of January this year? What has become of it? Why wasn’t it achieved? The reason those resolutions are hardly achieved is that they are not SMART.  The rich set and achieve their goals because they set SMART Goals

The way to set goals if you want to achieve them is to make them SMART    SMART stands for:

S – Specific: as it is Significant

M – Measurable: as it is meaningfully in sync with what you want to achieve at the end of the day

A – Achievable: Action-Oriented that is to say that the goal must have an action plan

R – Realistic: as it is Relevant and a promise of a great reward.

T – Timely: as it is Trackable.

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Goal setting is the secret of wealth creation. A measurable and achievable goal will help you plan and achieve your goal of becoming a millionaire. The truth is that becoming rich is simpler than we thought and it’s not complicated at all. To succeed in anything, you must set goals and plan toward the actualization of your dreams and desires.  Now is the time to begin setting SMART goals that are effective because goals energize and motivate your ambition and help you achieve tangible and mega results.  Great goals involve setting and creating little milestones per time for yourself and developing strategies to help you focus and achieve your goal of becoming rich by 31st December this year. Remember if the goal is not written down it will remain just a wish and at best a dream. See You At The Top

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