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Strategies for Building a Successful Business in a Hostile Environment in 7 Easy Steps

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The business environment will always be harsh to newcomers.  But like the holy book says “If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small” That is to say that If you fall to the pressure and hostility of the business environment, it means there wasn't much to you in the first place and you should not bother venturing into business or seek financial freedom.  Just remain in the rat race and in your monthly paychecks and hope that your government will be able to take care of you if you live to retire.  Yes ‘if’ and a big one at that because life expectancy in my country is 55 years with a retirement age of 60 years. The business conditions and climate may be harsh and unwelcoming, but, the 7 easy steps advanced in the article are powerful strategies for building successful businesses in a hostile environment and will surely reposition you mentally and emotionally in your life, career, and business.

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The Good News

It is said that, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.  It is in tough and hostile situations that people show the stuff they are made of.  The light can’t show its strength without the darkness.  So the harsh business conditions are not made to deter or destroy you, but to bring out the lion in you and the best of your abilities. It does not matter where you are now or where you are coming from, you can overcome every challenge on the road to success. Most of the business gurus that we all celebrate today started with little or nothing. What did they do differently so that most bloggers are making them the centre of their blog posts and books written about them are best sellers on Amazon? In our post, today we shall discuss the steps they took to achieve financial freedom

 Qualities To Develop If You Must Overcome This Harsh Economic Environment And Succeed In 2023

Everyone’s goal in life, career, or business is to succeed, make money, and have a good life generally. Unfortunately, not everyone who sets out to succeed eventually does.   In most cases, the odds are against most of us from the onset.  The world is a jungle, a survival of the fittest.  But then, there is a way out.  It does not matter where you are now or where you are coming from, you can overcome every challenge on the road to success. Most of the men and women in the history of business and capitalism started with little or nothing. They caught an idea (vision), they were passionate about their vision and were determined to give it all it takes to succeed, and that is where true financial freedom begins.

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Financial freedom is possible, even in a downward economy like we are right now.  And business happens to be the only vehicle to financial freedom, but before you start first, ask yourself this very important question;  
Do I have what it takes to make the business I am about to start to succeed? 
Be honest in your answer. Never underestimate what it will take to build a thriving business, and NEVER OVER ESTIMATE YOUR ABILITY because if you do, that will be the fastest road to your failure.  Be that as it may, with the right vision and mission, passion, determination to do all it takes, and the willingness to learn, then success is achievable.

The truth is that business is extremely challenging and to do it you must be able and willing to go the extra mile, but if you are not cut out for the extra effort and extra work hours then a paid job will be more suited for you. To succeed in your desired business, you should have but not be limited to the following qualities: 

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 1. Courage And Tenacity: It is popularly said that courage is not the absence of fear in front of challenges, but your ability to keep moving forward and doing the needful notwithstanding your fears.  As for challenges, they abound in business.  They will push you; they will taste your mental toughness.  Those you hear about and sometimes want to be like all paid the price for greatness and you must pay yours to be counted.  That prize is to show courage and tenacity in the face of challenges and difficult situations.

2. Have a Positive Self-image: whatever business you choose to do, your self-image is very important.  People buy your person before they can buy whatsoever product or service you have to sell to them.  Your perspective and opinion of yourself are everything in life because people have a way of perceiving your self-image, be it positive or negative. Therefore, from the outset convince yourself of your worth and ability and carry yourself as such.  Your positive self-image is what makes you feel like an achiever and not as a victim.  You can’t afford to demoralize yourself by being timid rather always make a conscious effort to raise your self-worth.

3. Believe In Your Ability: The primary reason people don’t get things done is because they don’t believe they can and that unbelief is what holds people back from achieving anything meaningful in life.  You can’t give what you don’t have so to be able to inspire yourself and others you must first believe.  Believing is key if you must succeed in anything worthwhile in life.
4. Focus On The Bigger Picture:  What do you see? Everyone’s actions and inactions are always directly correlated with what they see.  So I ask again; 
How do you see yourself, first? and then;
What do you see?
Do you see yourself as a victim of the world and the capitalists or a victor who can rise and be counted among the achievers? Do you see yourself as wealthy or just getting by?  Do you see yourself on Forb’s richest list or just one of the 7 billion consumers in the world?  You will eventually become what you see if you can focus on it long enough.
5. Eschew Instant Gratification: We live in a world of instant gratification and Instant gratification ‘monkeys’ will rather party hard every weekend and eat it all today with the excuse that what they have is not enough to start the project or the illusion that they will start after they have hit the mega millions tomorrow instead of putting what they have to work.  The ability to delay gratification is the main reason why that once upon a time rich man or woman you know that was doing well in his/her business or career is now poor or struggling.  The real reason why some get rich and others remain poor is not really about location or family background neither is it about the amount of money or wealth they inherited as much as it is about their life choices. How they spend or invest their time and resources.  Take note of this;
What people prioritize in life is always the game changer in moving from obscurity to wealth and significance.  
In the book, Mistakes Of Esau, a lot was said about the dangers of the instant gratification syndrome and how to avoid being destroyed by it. We encourage you to read it, it is available here.   Because you must understand that until you can say no to good, the best you desire will continue to elude you.
6. Never Exaggerate The Challenges You Face In Your Project: The reason is simple. Anytime you blow your problem or challenges out of proportion you put yourself in panic mode and panic weakens your defences thereby exposing you to mistakes.  This is not just in business.  It’s applicable in whichever field of endeavour you find yourself in, be it ministry or humanitarian services.   Problems or challenges are part and parcel of human existence, no one that is living can wish it away.  But how you decide to handle your own problem when you face it will determine whether it will degenerate into a crisis or be curtailed.  The lead Pastor of Gateway Int’l Church, Pastor George Izunwa said 
Challenges are unavoidable, but when a challenge is mismanaged it turns into a major crisis.  
You mismanage a challenge by exaggerating it (over-estimate or under-estimate it).  And that your assignment is God-given doesn’t also mean you won’t make mistakes or face challenges at any point as a human.  It is the challenge you face and conquer that qualifies you for the next level.  Finally

7. Take Action Now: The truth is that you can never tell what you can accomplish until you start.  Don’t allow the fear of failure and rejection to deprive you of the joy of trying something new and novel.  According to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it.  Action has magic, grace, and power in it.  

So don’t let anyone or your circumstance talk you out of your dream or keep you down from taking the needed action. 


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There is a popular saying, that you can drag a horse to the stream, but you cannot force it to drink.  No matter how wonderful or factual this write-up or any other content may be, I assure you it will not do you any good if you are not ready to take action.  Men and women with superior achievements are not just from a privileged background with huge capital, but they took action in the direction of their passion and belief.  Let's end this with this masterpiece from Dr Anya Oko, PhD. 

What drives action is not reality, but perceptive.  How you see the problem is the problem.  If you see yourself as a failure, then you are surely going to fail not because God destined you to fail, but because you will do things that guarantee that you fail.  The powerful thing is that perception is a choice.  You can choose how you want to see yourself.  Do yourself a favour.  See yourself as a success.  It does not cost you anything.

Your feedback is the most important to us. Drop us a line or share with us your own experiences so far.




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