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Mistakes Of Esau: 10 Harmful Habits That Ruin People's Destiny

Mistakes Of Esau: 10 Harmful Habits That Ruin People's Destiny

This book in your hand will bless your life. It has practical ways to help you avoid being destroyed by making bad choices

Dr Anya Oko, PhD

This thought-provoking book reveals the 10 harmful habits that ruin people's destinies and how to avoid them if you want to fulfil your purpose in life and preserve your place in destiny. Let's explore!

10 Harmful Habits That Ruin People's Destiny In 2022

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Esau’s Story

Esau’s story is one story that should bring every one of us to the consciousness of the fact that what we call fate in most cases is only the summation of our daily routines no matter how seemingly little or insignificant they may be.  Every one of our actions and inactions counts and eventually determines what we become and how we turn out in life.

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The Book, Mistakes Of Esau are about redirecting our individual focus and making us more conscious of our choices of action and inaction.  In the pages of this book, we have tried to point out some though subtle but very harmful habits that ruined Esau’s place in destiny.  Esau had everything it took to be a patriarch but he lost his place as a patriarch and everything simply because he could not endure hunger for a while to keep the future intact.  Esau should not have lost out on receiving the blessing of the firstborn son if he had known beforehand the consequences of that singular action and no one should lose his/her destiny for temporary pleasure.  This book is timely because it’s guaranteed to help you avoid those harmful habits that can ruin your play in Destiny.

The Dangers Of Bad Habits

These harmful habits/or practices are the reason so many people are either struggling to make ends meet or are living in poverty, lack and want.  It’s why most people cannot pursue their purpose and fulfil their destiny.  These habits are the reason some nations, communities, and individuals appear to be loved and helped by God and man whereas others appear to be hated and neglected or rejected.

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How To Make Good Choices In Life

It is a fact that life is all about choices and the choices we make today are the seed of our tomorrow.  This book will show you how to make healthy choices that will preserve your posterity and help you avoid those unhealthy choices and habits that can keep you in the rat race, poverty, smallness, and mediocrity if not completely ruin your destiny.

Indeed this is a book for people who want to make their life count and those who want to be difference makers and to be able to change their world and posterity for the best through the power of healthy habits and choices.

Where You Can Buy The Book

The book is available in ebook and hardcopy. You can read the free e-copy or Order both the hard and soft Copies from Amazon! and you will be glad you did 

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Mistakes Of Esau

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