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2023 Shell Nigeria Student Industrial Training and Internship Programme -->

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2023 Shell Nigeria Student Industrial Training and Internship Programme

2023 Shell Nigeria Student Industrial Training and Internship Programme

The Shell Industrial Training Programme is a programme specifically designed to provide Nigerian students in higher institutions with the opportunity to gain practical work experience. The program is offered by Shell Nigeria, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, and it aims to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and the practical skills required in the industry. The training Programme is open to students studying in some selected disciplines only. The following is a list of eligible courses for the program:

  • Engineering
  • Geoscience
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Sciences (Pure science, Environmental and Social)
  • Arts
  • Commercial

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The Programme offers students studying any of the aforementioned courses a valuable opportunity to directly collaborate with experienced and inspiring professionals. The knowledge and skills acquired throughout the programme will be invaluable to their future careers.  During the training, students are assigned to work on real projects under the guidance of experienced professionals. This allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge, develop practical skills, and gain insight into the operations of a multinational company. Participating in the Shell Industrial Training Programme can be highly beneficial for students, as it provides them with valuable industry experience, enhances their employability, and helps them establish professional networks.

Aim of the Program

This Industrial Training Program is designed for students to:

  • Put theories and concepts into practice
  • Build work-related skills required for the business environment through constructive feedback and supervision
  • Gain additional skills such as communication, ethics, HSSE, teamwork and leadership.
  • Build valuable networks and contacts for professional development

Who Can Apply?

The program is a competitive one, and interested students usually need to go through a selection process and eligibility test.  To be eligible to apply you must:

  1. Be a Nigerian citizen
  2. Be enrolled full‐time in an undergraduate programme at a university or Polytechnic in Nigeria?
  3. Have school authorization and approval for Industrial Training

What Participants Stand to Benefit

By participating in the program, students can gain valuable insights and develop essential skills that will be highly beneficial for their future careers. Working directly with inspiring professionals allows students to learn from their expertise, observe their work processes, and understand the practical aspects of their respective fields. This firsthand experience provides a unique learning opportunity that goes beyond what can be gained through traditional classroom education.

This hands-on experience allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, further enhancing their understanding of the industry and its challenges. The skills acquired during the program, such as problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and technical proficiency, can significantly contribute to their professional development and make them more competitive in the job market.

Furthermore, exposure to the work environment and interaction with professionals can help students build a professional network, which may be valuable for future career opportunities. The connections made during the training program can provide mentorship, references, and potential job leads, giving students an advantage as they transition from academia to the workforce.

Overall, the Shell Industrial Training Programme offers a valuable opportunity for students to gain practical experience, develop essential skills, and establish professional connections that can greatly benefit their future careers in their chosen disciplines.

How to Apply

This is the most important aspect of this article, if you miss it, then your time is wasted. All intended applicants should follow the following steps carefully to apply:

1. All applicants should have a personal and valid email account (for consistent communication)

2. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements should apply via the email: [email protected]

3. The email subject should be in the format: 2023 Shell Nigeria SIWES Application [Course of study].

4. The email content must include the following:

  • Student’s name
  • Name of University/ institution of higher learning
  • Matriculation Number/ student ID number
  • Course of study
  • Required duration/period for the internship
  • Contact details (address, email, and phone)
  • Scanned copy of official form/ letter from higher institution
  • Current Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) or Grade Point Average (GPA).

Very Important Piece of Information:

It's crucial for applicants to be aware of these points when considering the Shell Industrial Training Programme:

Availability of opportunities: Industrial training opportunities are based on the specific business needs of Shell Nigeria. This means that the number of available slots for the training program may be limited. Therefore, not all applicants may be selected for participation.

High volume of applications: Due to the popularity of the Shell Industrial Training Programme, a significant number of students is likely to apply for the available positions. The competition can be intense, and it's important for applicants to understand that the selection process may be highly competitive.

Lack of feedback to all applicants: Considering the large number of applications received, Shell Nigeria may not be able to provide individual feedback to each applicant regarding the outcome of their application. It's important for applicants to understand that they may not receive feedback on why they were not selected for the program.

Applicants should keep these points in mind while applying for the Shell Industrial Training Programme. It's advisable to submit a well-prepared application and ensure that all required documents and information are included. Additionally, applicants may want to explore alternative industrial training opportunities or internships in their field of study to enhance their chances of gaining valuable work experience.

Good Luck!

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