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Genetic Engineering: How Your Gene Can Make You Rich or Poor

How genetic engineering is and how it is carried out in the laboratory

The reason man may become the master of his own destiny is because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind. 
Napoleon Hill

Permit me to take you back a little to your school days when you were taught about genes. I read something about genetic engineering some time ago and believe me it has never been this insightful. What happens in genetic engineering is simply amazing and it can go a long way to influence our financial future whether we know it or not. Interestingly, genetic engineering is a rapidly developing field with the potential to revolutionize our understanding of how our genes influence our financial future. This blog post today explores a none scientific approach to how genetic engineering could be used to improve our financial health and determines whether we get richer or poorer.

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Just in case you have forgotten what gene and genetic engineering are all about, let’s start by defining the terms 

Definition Of The Terms


A gene is the basic physical and functional unit of heredity made up of DNA. It is as simple as that.


Heredity is the transfusion of characteristics from parents to offspring through the gametes

Genetic Engineering

This is what amazes me.  Genetic engineering also called genetic modification is a process that uses laboratory-based technologies to alter the DNA makeup of an organism or simply the transfer of genes from one organism to another.  Whereas heredity transfers from parents to offspring, genetic engineering is the perfection of heredity because it transfers to a different organism.

What Happens In Genetic Engineering?

This is what happens in genetic engineering: If you have a hen that lays only small eggs, for instance, but you desire it to lay big eggs rather than just wish that your hen can lay big eggs or envy your neighbour whose hen lays big eggs, all you need to do is to find a hen that lays big eggs, collect the genes responsible for the big eggs and transfer it into your own hen that lays small eggs and your hen will begin to lay big eggs. That is to say that the gene is responsible for whether your hen lays small eggs or big eggs. Isn’t that WONDERFULLY AMAZING?  The realization of that is enough for you to know that impossibility is nothing, not just for your hen or any other animal but it is also applicable to your finances. you will see how in this article as you read on.

How Your Gene Affects You

We are not any different; the gene in us is responsible for both our looks and outcomes in life. That goat gives birth to a goat and a lion gives birth to a lion is the gene. Let’s be a little religious here;

So God created man in His own image (gene) in the image (gene) of God He created Him: male and female He created them.

 I want to suggest to you that it is practically impossible for anything that is born of God to fail, why? Because being born of God is being born with the gene of God and God is a natural success. OH YES!

And God saw everything that He has made, and behold, it was very good (successful). 

Check the creation account yourself in Genesis chapter 1 and if that is going too far, just look around you, everything suggests that the make is reading by excellence and success. Anybody who fails in anything in life fails by choice. Adam failed because he choose to disobey God, the prodigal son in Luke chapter 11 from verse 11 failed by choice. By the way, Luke is in the new testament of the Holy Bible

Christiano Roanaldo, the GOAT's NFT in Bianance NFT Marketplace
The prodigal son before his act of prodigality was successful and lived in affluence and security. He began to be in want when he on his own making disconnected himself from his father, the carrier of the gene that makes him rich and adds no sorrow. Thank God for a return route in Christ Jesus, which is by choice not by chance, and the door is still open should you want to make that choice now! But more importantly, back it with action.

The 2 Genes Responsible For Your Financial Outcomes In Life

Today I am giving you a choice of two ways. And I ask heaven and earth to be witnesses of your choice. You can choose life or death. The first choice will bring a blessing. The other choice will bring a curse. So choose life! Then you and your children will live. 

Deuteronomy 30:19 ERV

Every one of us has and is controlled by one of two genes, and the gene in you is what determines whether you are rich or poor.  Unlike the gene that determines our physical physiology, the gene that is responsible for our financial condition is not inborn and may not necessarily be transferred from parent to offspring, but it is acquired as we grow.  The environment where we spend most of our time, the people, and the information we are exposed to either through books or personal contacts all contribute to forming our life experiences, and our life experiences form our gene called MINDSET.  Some of us by our exposures and personal habits have acquired the wealth gene (mindset) as a result are rich and wealthy, whereas some still have the poverty gene (mindset) and are consequently still poor and may remain so if we do nothing.

1. The Wealth Gene 

According to Kristen Euretig, CFP, founder and CEO of Brooklyn Plans, LLC, 

wealth mindset is the idea that the universe is plentiful, and our potential is unlimited. "It involves defeating self-limiting beliefs that come up around money or life goals, in general, to break past self-imposed barriers to a better way of living,

The wealth gene [mindset or complex] is a way of abundant thinking that is focused less on what we have and more on what we believe is available to us by nature.  Before you can enjoy wealth and financial freedom, you must be able to attract the best money-making opportunities and people of like minds. It does not matter the current economic climate of the world and your country, it is possible to not just only be profitable but to be wealthy and fulfilled in life if you have developed and mastered the wealth mindset.  But if you have not it is more imperative now than ever to exhume wealth gene complex to be able to maintain a positive outlook because that is what makes the difference. It is a fact that it is at times like this that new millionaires emerge, and there is no reason why you can’t be one of the millionaires that will be birthed after this economic downtime.

 2. The Poverty Gene

It is the poverty gene [mindset or complex] that gives rise to every form of complex, and like the inferiority complex that we are all conversant with, the poverty complex is a deep-rooted belief that you can’t be rich, wealthy, successful, or achieve great things.  This gene discharges a negative aura, which is why no matter how hard you try, things just find a way to go against you.  Sometimes people are not poor for lack of effort, but the problem is that effort alone is not always enough to ensure success in business and in their career because success and greatness have little to do with effort alone and more with the thinking pattern.  You cannot win in life if you have not first won in your thoughts, because the truth is that we are how we consistently think

 As A man thinks in his heart, so is he

You must consciously train your unconscious mind to do away with the belief that you can’t be successful or achieve great things because of the family, village, or even county in which you were born.  Many of us grew up hearing words like

  • “You this fool, idiot’’,
  •  “Coconut head”,
  • “Will you ever amount to anything?”

And stuff like that by parents, teachers, or close relatives.  Mine was that I was constantly being greeted with you, this nonentity” by an uncle at the slightest provocation.  These people who use these demeaning words, especially young people, may not always mean it for evil, mostly the parents and close relatives, but with a genuine intention to correct. The unfortunate thing is that these things somehow get to us and form our outcomes in life if care is not taken.  In my case, my uncle constantly yelled at me at the slightest provocation, ‘You, this nonentity’. I did all I could to prove him wrong, and even when I became the senior prefect (SP) and Scripture Union (SU) president in my secondary school, somehow I couldn’t serve out my tenor successfully.  One thing led to another, and I resigned as SU president. Before long, I was asked by the school principal to step down as SP for my own safety because some of my classmates who thought the post should have gone to them kept making trouble. Did I tell you that God punished me for resigning? Okay, I just did.  My point is that words are powerful; we must use them cautiously and constructively, especially when talking to children in their formative stages of life.  Our parents made the mistake because they didn’t know any better, but we do, so the narrative should be different in our time.

How To End Financial Struggle By Genetically Modify Your Gene

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.  Jim Rohn

If you are struggling financially, the way forward is to engage in genetic engineering by replacing your poverty gene (mindset) with the wealth gene.  In my dilate, they say;

Aku na efefe

Igbo adage

Everybody, even the Supreme Being, loves success. Don’t let anyone make you think that wealth is ungodly. Here are some of the things that I believe are the keys to this journey of genetic engineering, and they are important if you want to embrace the brand-new life of success and financial freedom.

1. Love And Admire Yourself

By loving and admiring yourself as opposed to what people say and think about your future, you can develop the courage to pursue your dream. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘I am smart and successful in all areas of my life. Tell yourself that the lines are falling for you in pleasant places and that you have a good heritage in Christ Jesus. Call yourself all the good names and things you can remember.  Do it in the morning before going out and at night before you go to bed. In doing what I just suggested, refusal is not important at all. What I mean is this: don’t start saying that you do not have the wrong attributes attributed to you.  For example, instead of saying things like ‘I am not a nonentity’ or ‘I am not an idiot, a fool, or a coconut head, only focus your mind on things you are and can be and keep affirming them.  As for me, I am the most influential person on earth today and when I talk, kings listen, I will address the united nations assembly, I am a bestselling author of books, a solution provider, an international business mogul, etc.  That is the spirit; I know it like I know many names that I will never die small and you too should not.

2. Don’t Compare Yourself With Anyone

You are not in competition with anybody but yourself, so measure yourself against what you can become that you have not become.  Compare where you are presently and where you know you can be and let it inspire you to be more and do more.  The reason why it’s counterproductive to keep comparing yourself with people is that in life no two persons have the same assignment so cannot have the same assessment criteria and results.  As such you can’t measure your success with the success of your competition.  The danger of comparing yourself with people is that it either puts you under unnecessary pressure to meet up or it gives you a false sense of achievement and security. Stay focused on your own race; don’t try to run another man’s race.

3. Develop A Millionaire Mindset

Actual wealthy people consciously develop the habit of thinking and acting in a certain way that is different from the way the rest of the people think and act.  They know that wealth creation takes time and processes not luck.  Whereas the poor spend their money, the people with 'wealth' genes do not spend their money, rather they invest, they understand the difference between seed and harvest because they understand the law of seedtime and harvest.  It is only wealth-minded people that can delay gratification because they know that wealth is built by gradually increasing their earning ability, saving more and more from their income, and investing it carefully and intelligently so that it grows and compounds over the years. You must do the same if you want to be wealthy.

4. Be Focused And Goal-Orientated

It’s easy to think and dream whether big or small but if your thinking is not backed by a goal your thinking and dream become wishful thinking and fantasy. It is impossible to achieve anything or create wealth if you don’t set firm goals and road maps on how to achieve to be wealthy by thinking and acting the way you do.  

5. Make Learning A Lifelong Pursuit

The best investment you will ever make is investing in yourself. Never stop learning because the moment you stop learning you start dying.  It is what you know that will make you rich and what you don’t know will keep you poor. Unfortunately, most people once they leave the formal education system, think the learning phase of their life is over. For them, that is okay because they have got what it takes to be employed, but it shouldn’t be for you that want to create wealth and enjoy financial freedom.  Wealthy people continually learn new things and adapt to the changing world.

 6. Be born again

Being born again is not just about being spiritually reborn or converted, or being someone who has a renewed commitment to Jesus Christ as a personal Lord and Saviour but also being financially born again by discarding all the genes that limit or stop you from enjoying true wealth. Value money and not love money if you want to create trans-generational wealth 

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