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5 Top Global Cryptocurrency Exchanges That Accept Nigerian Traders – Part 1 -->

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5 Top Global Cryptocurrency Exchanges That Accept Nigerian Traders – Part 1

Image showing the top best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Our Top Picks For The Best Crypto Exchanges And Trading Platform Of 2022. 

In our previous tutorial, we discussed the Step By Step Guide on How To Choose the Best Crypto Exchange In 2022.  In today’s tutorial, we have gone ahead to hand-pick some of the exchanges we believe anyone from most parts of the world can use without many restrictions.  Coinbase which is on our selection is best for US residents and some others like Binance and FTX also have their US version dedicated to US citizens alone.  Nevertheless, the exchanges listed below are the best crypto exchanges globally in two parts of reviews.

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Things To Be Aware Of

Before we proceed, kindly note that we are making these recommendations for these platforms and exchanges based on our personal experience using them.  We may receive compensation if you visit partners we recommend but our picks are not influenced by the referral bonus or commission that we may get if you sign up with them.  As a matter of fact, we have in most cases gone ahead to secure mind-blowing deals that you won't get if you go directly to their websites to sign up and all these are to make your use of these platforms cheaper and more profitable.  However, the decision is yours to make, Read our disclaimer for more info.

Image showing how to pay four thousand nine hundrad naira only for .com domain

To be sure you are on the real official website of the recommended exchanges; we recommend you follow the links we have provided.  Beware of fishing and malicious websites; always ensure that any site you visit is SSL certified before imputing any personal details

If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, opening an account with a cryptocurrency exchange is certainly a great way to start.  If you are in developed and crypto-friendly countries like the United States and the UK, how to buy and sell and choosing an exchanger or wallet won’t be such an issue for you.  But for countries like Nigeria where buying and selling of crypto are restricted, it is a big issue.  Extra care has to be taken in choosing an exchange that can help you to be able to have access to the multibillion-dollar crypto market.  You must choose Crypto exchanges with the functionality to enable you to buy with your local currency, the Naira without looking for where to source the unavailable USD as well as be able to sell and get your money back in your local bank account.

Another thing we have carefully considered in choosing these cryptocurrency exchanges are factors such as supported assets, fees, payment methods, and most importantly, security and customer support. To help you find the right exchange, we considered these factors when selecting this list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges you can think of using especially if you are in Nigeria.  We have categorized the exchanges as follows:

 Most Established and Most Regulated Exchange: Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the foremost cryptocurrency exchanges, established in 2012. It is one of Bitcoin’s early adopters but it did not gain mainstream and global recognition until 2021 when it became the first and only cryptocurrency exchange to be quoted publicly on NASDAQ, the US Stock Exchange. Coinbase can boast of over 150 tradable cryptocurrencies for its over 98 million users worldwide to buy and sell on the most beautiful interface in the industry with deep liquidity of over $256 billion in assets on the platform and a quarterly turnover of approximately $309 billion trading over 13,000 financial institutions.

Coinbase Pros And Cons

Coinbase has a lot going for it but cannot shy away from its own limitations as there are no perfect systems anywhere


  • A beginner-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners.
  • Coinbase also has the Coinbase Pro platform for professional and experienced traders
  • Support for a large number of cryptocurrencies
  • Opportunities to earn cryptocurrency by learning about them
  • The same Coinbase account can be used across Coinbase Wallet and Coinbase Pro
  • Simple and advanced trading
  • Rich educational content
  • Top-rated mobile app and Coinbase debit card
  • Low minimum entry requirement.


  • Complex and high transaction fees structure 
  • Limited staking and interest opportunities
  •  Poor customer service experience
  • Customer service is not available at all in some countries
  • No control over your private keys 
  • No privacy for users as significant identity verification is required  for account opening 

Coinbase Overview

One of Coinbase's greatest strengths is the beginner-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to buy, sell, trade, and store crypto assets.  Another thing Coinbase has going for it is its strong base and liquidity coupled with its regulatory compliant posture and the assurance of the protection of users' funds through a watertight multi-layer security and insurance cover for deposited funds.

Coinbase Features

Image showing everything you can find and buy on jumia

Coinbase Security

Coinbase uses industry-leading multi-layer security practices to secure customer deposits and assets.  Coinbase says that 98% of customer assets and deposits are stored offline using cold storage in a network of safe deposit boxes around the world and they are supported by digital and paper backups. Cash balances stored in Coinbase accounts are insured by FDIC insurance up to a maximum of $250,000 per customer, just like assets held in a savings or checking account in a bank. It uses bank-standard encryption and security for the Coinbase website.  Furthermore, all accounts on Coinbase are made to compulsorily make use of two-factor authentication by default.

Coinbase Customer Service

For us, this is the only place Coinbase is flopping the lines and it’s one of the most noteworthy issues users have with Coinbase. It’s nearly impossible to reach a human for any type of help, so you could as well consider them to be a self-service exchange.  Notably is that you won’t lack educational and instructional materials to guide you in the usage of their user-friendly platform as they maintain an impressive library of educational resources, ranging from crypto basics, tips and tutorials, market updates, and more.

Coinbase Trading Platform 

Coinbase provides both a basic beginner’s interface and advanced trading tools for pro traders though with high fees.   The basic beginner’s trading option has a straightforward design that's easy to deposit, buy or sell.  Whereas advanced trading offers more features, including charts, a live order book, and limit orders with a lower transaction fee compared to the simple option.

Coinbase Learn To Earn 

This is where Coinbase edges out other competitors.  With Coinbase beginners are incentivized to learn and complete educational modules about different crypto projects and earn free crypto doing so.  The free crypto is small and can be completed in fewer than 5 minutes but it is a very fun way to learn about cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Debit Card

Coinbase customers can request and get a prepaid Visa debit card linked to their Coinbase account balance which can be used to spend cryptocurrencies from any part of the world while earning 4% cash back in the process.

 Coinbase Fees 

Coinbase has the most complex fee structure that depends on several different factors, starting with the Coinbase tools you choose to trade on;  simple trade tool or advanced trade option.  Advanced trade is recommended because it has much cheaper fees but is not available in all jurisdictions where Coinbase simple trade and Coinbase Wallet can be used.

In other not to make this review excessively long we recommend you learn more about Coinbase fees and more here

Conclusion On Coinbase

Coinbase is not a perfect exchange and there is no perfect exchange anywhere.  But if you want a top-class trading platform with a beautiful user-friendly interface on both the website and the mobile app to buy and sell, then Coinbase is your best bet. Also, if you are just trying to venture into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and looking for a platform with plenty of educational resources. Or you want to have a feel of cryptocurrencies for free.  Coinbase offers beginners the opportunities to earn free crypto, including staking and interest-yielding programs.

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Over All Best Cryptocurrency Exchange: Binance Global

Binance is a relatively new exchange compared to the likes of Coinbase.  Launched in June 2017, but became the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume ever since within one hundred and eighty days making it the first and only cryptocurrency exchange to achieve such fit. 

Binance Pros And Cons

Like other exchanges, Binance has its own strong points and shortcomings in the trading platform.

Binance Pros

  • Binance has the widest range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs available in the market among all the top exchanges.
  • Binance has a good and easy-to-use trading platform that caters to different levels of trading experiences on both web and mobile Apps.
  • It has dozens of tutorials that to help users with different features of the platform.
  • Binance supports various methods for deposits and withdrawals of funds
  • Over 50 fiat currency
  • One can earn an interest in their crypto holdings automatically, as well as good rewards for staking digital assets.
  • Binance by trading volume delivers greater liquidity to smoothly execute high-volume trades.
  • Unique Launchpad gives traders exclusive access to any newly launched coins and tokens.           

 Binance Cons

  • Binance platform does not offer its services without complete and comprehensive KYC compliance.
  • Traders cannot trade on Binance until completing the verification process.
  • Advanced trading platforms are quite complicated for new traders.
  • Binance futures trading is designed for professionals and well-experienced traders.
  •  A Binance test account is only available in the Binance Futures Trading sections.
  • KYC now required
  • You don't have access to your private keys

Binance Overview

Binance is one crypto-currency exchange that needs no introduction as evidenced by its achievements over the years.  The trade of financial instruments and digital assets has evolved tremendously in Binance since its inception and they continue to get better through innovation and introduction of new assets and promotional offers such as fee discounts.

 Binance Features

Tradingview image showing how to analys trad. Look first, then leap

Binance Fees

Binance is one of the cheapest exchanges in transaction fees both the maker and taker fees.  Binance standard taker fee starts at 0.075% and the standard maker fee at 0.025  for spot trading you can save an additional 25% off if you pay the fee with the Binance native token, BNB, and an additional 10% if you sign up now with our promo link Here Now  Even better is the announcement of 0 fees for BTC spot trading pairs in July 2022 and followed by ETH/BUSD pair in August 2022

Binance OTC Trading

In other to keep up with the competition, Binance announced in April 2020 the introduction of the OTC trading portal giving its millions of traders globally access to the OTC trading marketplace without additional trading fees and the risks of slippage.  Traders with a minimum trade size of $10,000 in BTC can now get a quick settlement when they execute on Binance OTC Trading Portal and can also execute trades in other 25 different crypto coins and tokens.

Binance Security

Binance is a safe trading platform that implements end-to-end security features. binance secures its data in its own ecosystem, the Binance chain. For customer protection, Binance uses two face authentications to secure accounts among other protective measures.

Binance Conclusion

 Binance is no doubt the world leader in the crypto space.  Binance provides a range of products and services that are not even scratched on this review and we encourage you to take a good study of the platform and explore the rich instructional material on the website to learn more about the platform and the crypto industry in general.  With Binance's low fees and liquidity, a wide range of asset classes, multi-layered security, and coverage, you can’t go wrong with Binance.  Even restrictions in some countries have not impacted Binance much so we safely say that Binance will continue to dominate and evolve as a perfect platform for trading cryptocurrencies on a global scale.

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