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The Power of Intention in Achieving Financial Prosperity -->

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The Power of Intention in Achieving Financial Prosperity

A Woman Boxing In The Power of Intention in Achieving Financial Prosperity

  • Why do you even strive for financial prosperity or any success for that matter?
  • Why do you want to be healthy, wealthy, and famous?  
  • Why do crave to create a stupendous amount of wealth?

We are all familiar with the popular quote that implies that it is madness to keep on doing one particular thing but expect a different outcome each time. As such, it has become very necessary that we pause and quiz ourselves on why we are making so much effort at financial success but it keeps eluding us.  Your intention for wanting to prosper financially is vital and plays a major role in whether the goal will ever be achieved or not.   In our previous article, we established that mindset is everything in the pursuit of life and is even more powerful than knowledge and skill as the mindset forms our motives and intentions which drive our activities.

According to Harv Eker, 

If your motivation for acquiring money or success comes from a nonsupportive root such as fear, anger, or the need to “prove” yourself, your money will never bring you happiness.

So if your reason for toiling and for some, taking to crime, all to be rich is the fear of poverty, rejection from people, fear of not living up to your financial obligations, then you are setting yourself up for failure and sadness of living in perpetual bondage to the demon called fear.  What causes fear may sound logical and a legitimate cause for concern, but the problem with it is one of two things or both.  Financial success will either elude you as a result of anxiety and if you succeed in making the money you will still not be happy to enjoy it. Yes! You will not be happy because you may never be able to bribe the fear away with more money you get.  You’ll only discover then that your fears will change from “not making it” to “not losing”.  It is fear that makes some rich people greedy, selfish, and suspicious of everyone around them and until the root of the problem [fear] is dealt with, even more money won’t make any difference.

For some, their desire for financial prosperity is driven by the intent to prove that they are good enough.  I was in this category for a long time.  For some of us, we grew up in what we now recognize as a toxic environment where we were constantly verbally and emotionally abused and called all kinds of derogatory names by people, even parents and close relatives who most times meant no harm but just their ignorant way of correcting and instilling discipline.  It is a clear case of the blind leading the blind because they didn’t know any better.  They could not imagine the harmful impact of those abusive words on the future of the children.  

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I once lived with an uncle who at the slightest provocation or mistake will always thunder “You this nonentity”.  At first, I didn’t know what it meant until I decided to look it up in the dictionary. When I did, I never was angry at him for once because I felt he was right because I and my background match the description of nonentities.  But then two emotions started welling up in me.  Anger and the need to prove him wrong and off cause the emotions only gave birth to the third one which is anxiety.  After I left his house at the end of my stay, for years I struggled to make money to end “insult” so I could prove to him and myself that I could make it. Why am I telling you? It is because I know that too many people are completely oblivious to the fact we are mostly motivated by the wrong things hence the hardship and misery you find everywhere.

Here is the honest truth as rightly put by Harv Eker, 

Money can’t make you something you already are.

In other words, money or achieving financial prosperity is not what authenticates you.  You are by nature good enough and the embodiment of perfection.  The Psalmist sang

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. 

Psalm 139:14  

I realized that I can’t be made in the image and likeness of a perfect God and be a nonentity, and so are you Genesis 1:26-31

It is time to release all limiting beliefs and emotional baggage. The issue with this sense of unworthiness is that even if you use this mindset to become financially prosperous, you will still not feel fulfilled because you will understand that no amount of money can help you get rid of that emotional baggage. The subconscious mind of anyone who has not completely erased the mentality will continue to validate the belief, creating the reality that they did not have enough. It is the inner construct that reflects the outer realities. This explains why there are still plenty of timid, wealthy people who can't maintain a healthy relationship because they feel unworthy, which makes people avoid them because of the repulsive aura their belief system creates around them.

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