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2023 Census: Important Update on the Refresher Training for Facilitators and SWF -->

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2023 Census: Important Update on the Refresher Training for Facilitators and SWF

Census 2023: Important Update on the Facilitators Refresher Training

The refresher training for facilitators and SWF built for the 24th day of April 2023 is still expected to hold as scheduled barring any last-minute postponement. according to the information on the NPC facilitators refresher training portal, the training will be conducted completely virtually and there are important guidelines that you must follow to ensure that  you have a smooth training experience

Purpose of Training

The training which is to be held from Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th April 2023 will help familiarize the facilitators with the new introductions and updates to census processes and methodologies. The training will be conducted through Google Classroom. 

Required Documents for the Traning

The documents that will be used for the training include the addendum and some instructional videos. Each class will have between 2-3 facilitators and one Virtual Class Assistant who will provide you with all technical backstopping and assistance. You will use the tools embedded in Google Meet, such as polls, chat, and whiteboards, to enhance the teaching. This is according to the information from the NPC training portal

NPC Recommendations

They have also recommended that trainees use laptops or tablets rather than a phone, as this will provide a bigger screen and ensure the best experience during the re-training. 

Instructional Materials to Set up Google Classroom

To get started, you are expected to follow the under-listed instructional videos to set up your Google Classroom in readiness for the training exercise:

Once you have set up your Google Classroom, you can access the training materials and participate in the virtual training sessions.

You can also access all the materials in the resource section of the portal before the sessions. 

To confirm your availability for the training ensure to fill out this NPC facilitator availability online form Here. Fill out the form correctly as requested because your training allowance payment may depend on it.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comment section and share them with all your colleagues.

Thanks and God bless 

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  1. Please not that the virtual refresher training is presently on going as scheduled. We see so many complaints of Facilitators not getting the meeting code via their email. If that is your case kindly visit the training portal at
    to check for your class and join. The class for batch 2 is on going now. Thanks

  2. please i have not been able to receive any email from NPc , but a friend just sent me the link now,pls how do i join the class, as the availability form is no longer accepting responses

    1. If you are making reference to the NPC Facilitators refresher training, it is over by now as it ended on Friday before the announced suspension of the census exercise

  3. my name is Ichite Moses Adindu, My whatsapp line is 08138021970. pls i need solution Asap

    1. Kindly refer back to your class WhatsApp group and wait for further instructions


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