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Pursuit Is The Evidence Of Desire: It's Time To Pursue Your Dreams

My life has constantly changed as I responded to events, people and opportunities. I have been divinely blessed by my creator. I’ve also made deliberate attempts to grow, to position myself to receive more.

 image of a young boy playing baseball showing that pursuite is the evidence of desire
The opening quote is by Bishop T. D. Jakes in his book, Reposition Yourself: 
Living Life Without Limits. (By the way, the book is available at Amazon bookstores. The truth fortunately or unfortunately is that nothing just happens to anyone. To be successful in life, business or career requires deliberate effort on your part.  It is said that “when a child is born he/she looks like the parents but when he/she is old he/she looks like his/her decisions”. Yesterday's decisions are the mother of today’s outcome; your choices of actions or inactions will birth your tomorrow.  The question will be what does tomorrow hold for you considering your choices and decisions today?

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Who we will become eventually is a direct consequence of our desire which is evident in our pursuit.  In our post on the Secret of Wealth Creation, we said that the reason why some people are poor and others are rich in the same society is that whereas the rich have SMART goals, the poor only dream but do nothing towards the actualization of his/her dreams.  In other words, for you to achieve anything meaningful in life, your desires for it must be backed by commensurate and sustained actions (pursuit).  Just as it is said that Rome was not built in a day, you must bear in mind that the breakthrough may not come as a result of one-off action but from sustained action and keep building on the little progress achieved till you get to your desired end goal.

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Let’s reiterate that nothing just happens until we make it happen. Every object will remain in its state of rest until a force is applied.  That includes our financial state and general well-being. According to the good book, it is only those who involve themselves in a diligent pursuit that will stand before kings instead of mean men.


A little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest— then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.

If idleness is an invitation to poverty, won't it be nice that as you are waiting for that dream job, capital, or big break that you start doing anything legal and legitimate that your hand can find notwithstanding how menial or demining it is to your status and degree?  Think about it.

This Book Will Help You, I strongly Suggest You Read It This Month.  Mistakes Of Esau: 10 Harmful Habits That Ruin People's Destiny

Some Of The Reasons Why People Are Lackluster Toward Their Desire

People are trapped in one spot either because they don’t know what to do to move forward in life or they know but refuse to do it either because to them it’s difficult or that pride won’t let them do it, especially if it’s not prestigious enough to suite their ego and ambition as a result of their lack of compelling vision.  What is wrong with having ambition when we are encouraging people to take action, you may ask?  The simple answer is that ambition can drive people to do unthinkable things in pursuit of their desire.  Russian President Vladimir Putin just like Adolf Hitler is a really good example of men driven by ambition to conquer and subjugate. That is what the ongoing invasion of Ukraine is all about and it doesn’t matter to Putin even if he wipes out the entire Ukrainians from existence in pursuit of that ambition. 

People are either motivated by ambition or by vision. Let your vision be your motivating factor to pursue any goal.  Ambition seeks to be better than others whereas vision seeks to fulfill God’s purpose on earth and impact people positively.  People’s lack of vision is displayed in their show of pride and pride manifests in people in different ways and deters their drive for action. They include;

1. Ego And Arrogance

One of the ways pride manifests in people is through ego and arrogance.  Being egotistic and arrogant is a clear demonstration of a lack of vision. People with vision are humble and obedient to their assignment, not their ego, unlike ambitious people who only do things for the recognition it accords them not the impact on humanity.  Nigeria politicians are notorious for their ambitions that are driven not to add any value to the life and economic power of the citizenry but solely for self-aggrandizement and inordinate wealth acquisition which is why they kill and betray just to achieve their goal of taking power at different levels in government. They have successfully mastered the use of poverty as a weapon for political survival.  This is common in Africa and other underdeveloped countries of the world, hence their underdevelopment.

2. Stage Fright And Timidity

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Stage fright is a big problem for so many people. It is the fear that affects and demoralizes people from facing the audience to make a presentation and even things as little as asking a question in class and other social gatherings and meetings. Excessive fright leads to timidity. Timidity is another manifestation of pride and lack of vision.  Timidity prevents people from doing what they know they should be doing. They will rather stay in an unrewarding job or relationship where they not having job satisfaction or are underpaid and abused or mistreated respectively rather than take a bold step of faith to do something that they know they will find fulfilment in because it’s their calling.  A good example of a timid person is Nicodemus in St. John’s gospel chapter 3. Timid people will not ask their questions when others are asking but will rather go to the teacher privately to ask questions after a section be it in school or in meetings because they don’t want anyone to notice their ignorance.  

Timid people just have this inflated idea of their own importance, showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride and it is a clear indication of a lack of vision because visionary people are selfless people just like children. Visionaries are the slave of their vision and only answerable to the vision, not their feelings or self-importance.

3. Shyness And ‘Shame’

People are shy because of their pride and people with pride issues don’t want to be wrong or to be corrected.  If you are not doing what you know you should be doing or ‘called’ to do simply because you are shy either to approach people to ask for help or sell an idea to them then you are yet to understand the vision for your life.  Anyone who is shy or doesn’t want to make mistakes can’t learn and he or she will never do or achieve anything meaningful in life. I don’t mean deliberately making wrong life choices but doing things and even when you make a mistake doing it you learn and move forward. They say practice makes perfect.  The light bulb which is a very popular example and everything that is making life easy and enjoyable today are all products of so many mistakes and trial and error but these inventors persisted without shame of their previous multiple failures.  A sense of shame can keep people with honour from doing wrong in society but it becomes a problem when it prevents anyone from attempting new things and pursuing their dreams in life.

4. Suicidal Thoughts

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People mostly have the thoughts and sometimes attempt or succeed in committing suicide for reasons such as psychiatric and demonic conditions, and life challenges. But more of the time it is a result of deep-seated pride.  Without trying to downplay the fact that people are really going through a lot of difficulties in life but nothing other than an inflated idea of oneself and importance should push anyone to the extent of taking his/her own life.  It is people's feelings of inadequacy that drive them to suicide.  People think of what they would have been that they are not yet and conclude it’s better to end it all than face the shame of not measuring up to pal with the people they compare themselves with.  Before we continue, take this advice from Dr Anya Oko, who wrote 

No matter what you do, there is a height you can never attain. Continuing to reach for them will only cause you pain and bitterness.

That is simply to say that you can’t have everything you want or set out to achieve and no one does even the world's richest men, however, nobody has nothing.  Everyone has everything it takes for them to fulfil their destiny. People have committed suicide because someone breaks a relationship with them or because they failed an exam or for losing money in a failed investment and those who attempted but failed you hear them say things like “How can I live with this shame”.  But those who understand vision and purpose know that the life they live is not their own but it’s given to them by someone who cannot mismanage it.  No matter what you are going through now if you understand and align yourself with the will of God for your life then you will know that God never leaves anyone who trusts in Him. 

And the LORD, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.

It will always be counterproductive to measure yourself with the achievement or failures of others because as long as you keep comparing yourself with others who are not in the same race as you, you will always be depressed by their achievement or overconfident in your achievement as a result of their own shortcomings. Vision and purpose-driven people measure themselves with God’s given vision and purpose for their life and not what they have achieved or not. 

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So instead of considering taking your life and spending eternity in hell, why not commit to finding purpose and vision for your life as I have said before, life is not designed to just notice your misery and come to your aid. God will only back you when you are in His Will and it’s your responsibility to find His Will for you and align yourself.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs.

You became a king and a priest when you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, so you have the wisdom of kings and the anointing of a priest.

For further study, do well to read: Download 

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The aim of this Monday's motivation is to let you know that the only proof of your desire to achieve financial freedom and be rich and wealthy is that you are doing something no matter how small the beginning is.  What matters in business is not how big you start but your consistency over time.  And you should never allow your pride to rob you of the joy and fulfilment of trying something new and novel. 

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That is it. Are you ready to pursue your dreams? This blog post has shown you how to turn your desires into reality. What to do and ones to avoid. You have learned the importance of taking action, overcoming fear, and never giving up on your dreams now is your turn. Please give us your feedback in the comment section below, let us know what you intend to start doing differently or what you intend to stop doing

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