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How To Apply For NITDA 2022 Free Blockchain Scholarship

Interested in learning about blockchain technology? The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) is offering a free scholarship programme for Nigerians to learn blockchain development. Learn how to apply today in this power-packed tutorial!

how to apply for NITDA Blockchain Scholarship program

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In Nigeria to date, whenever the issue of diversification is mentioned, where does your mind go to? Or whenever government officials talk about diversifying the Nigerian economy, where is their focus? It has always been agriculture. As good as agriculture is, the governments in Nigeria and of course Africa do not point their people to agriculture because of the wonderful prospects in agriculture but because they don’t know any better. 

In as much as we need food to sustain human existence but agriculture in its natural form and practice can no longer sustain any economy and that is where inventions like blockchain technology come in. The biggest deal in the world today is blockchain technology. Like it or hate it, it is the reality we have found ourselves in today’s world.  It is not only the future of money, how it is minted and spent, it will also redefine the way we do business, the way we practice agriculture, real estate, and virtually everything we do.

Today we present you an opportunity to learn blockchain technology for free as NITDA in partnership with Domineum Blockchain Solutions is set to teach 30,000 willing Nigerians for free in their 2022 Blockchain Scholarship Scheme.  The aim of this scholarship program is to equip Nigerians with the skillset needed to pursue a career in the emerging blockchain technology space.

 The scheme was announced in a blockchain event titled “Digital Nigeria”, held on the 26th of October 2022. In the words of Kashifu Inuwa CCIE, the Director General/CEO of NITDA

The scholarship will help to accelerate blockchain adoption in Nigeria and make Nigeria a global player in the blockchain industry.

As he called on Nigerians to take advantage of the scholarship to become

Early solution providers in the fourth industrial revolution.

Details Of The Blockchain Scholarship Scheme: Partners

The NITDA is not embarking on this alone but in collaboration with other blockchain organizations such as

Domineum Blockchain Solutions:  The Domineum Blockchain Solutions is the organization responsible for the implementation of the scholarship program

BSV Blockchain Academy:  BSV Blockchain Academy will provide the course content.


Noble Solutions is the one informing you about the opportunity.  And we keep bringing such opportunities because We Are Noble Solutions: Your Success Is Our PRIDE.  To never miss out on any of such beneficial information, subscribe to this blog and our various social media handles.

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In response to the announcement, Mr Mohammed Jega, who is the co-founder of Domineum Blockchain Solutions reiterated Domineum’s commitment to delivering

Quality education and equipping participants with the skills to build real-life blockchain solutions.

Similarly, Calistus Igwilo, the Course Coordinator and Country CTO of Domineum said that

blockchain will power the next generation data and the courses are carefully designed to equip participants with the right skills to become professionals and help shape the future of the blockchain industry

Project Mode

The program is said to be delivered through a hybrid mode which comprises virtual and physical meetings in all the states of the federation.  The icing on the cake will be that the outstanding teams in the project phase stand the opportunity to join an incubation program in London while others will be exposed to the BSV Ecosystem where they can be involved with various projects in the BSV ecosystem. Anyhow you look at it; it is a win-win for all participants.

Program Requirements

No prior programming experience is required in other to be eligible in the scholarship scheme as the scholarship is open to every Nigerian that has the following basic requirements

  • Access to laptop or desktop
  • Willing to show commitment and determination
  • Willing to put in a minimum of 20 hours per week

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How To Apply

Application opens from 31st October to 28th November 2022 and the course starts on 1st December 2022.  Start your application HERE!

The above link will take you to this Google form as shown below and you are required to fill in your detail and click next and answer some quiz about your experience.  Remember not having experience with blockchain won't disqualify you so be honest in your answers 

form for NITDA blockchain scholarship

how to fill the form for NITDA blockchain scholarship

Watch Video Tutorial: 


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What is the full meaning of NITDA?

The full meaning of NITDA is National Information Technology Development Agency. NITDA is committed to implementing the National Digital Economy policy for digital Nigeria.

What is the mandate of NITDA?

The mandate of NITDA is to create a framework for the planning, research, development, standardisation, application, coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and regulation of Information Technology practises in Nigeria.

practicesWhat is the priority of NITDA?

The priorities of NITDA include Developmental Regulation, Digital Literacy and Skills, Solid Infrastructure, Service Infrastructure, Digital Services Development and Promotion, Software Infrastructure, Digital Society, Emerging Technologies, and Indigenous Content Development and Adoption.

Who is Domineum Blockchain Solutions?

Domineum Blockchain Solutions is a Distributed Ledger Technology Company that provides Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions. It was established to offer back-end solutions for partner start-ups and assist Governments and established Companies in integrating blockchain into their operations. The company’s headquarter is situated in London, UK, while its research and development (R&D) units are in San Francisco, USA, and Baze University Abuja, and the technology resource centre is in Tallinn, Estonia.

What is BSV Blockchain Academy?

The BSV Blockchain Academy is the online learning platform run by the Switzerland-based global industry organization that works to advance business with the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

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