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Step by Step Guide on How to Create NFTs for Free on Rarible -->

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Step by Step Guide on How to Create NFTs for Free on Rarible

0% fee on NFTs minting on 5 blockchains

What is Rarible?

Rarible is an Ethereum-based platform that is both a marketplace and a network that enables the creation and sale of digital assets on the blockchain. Rarible has its own native token, the RARI, an ERC-20 governance token that allows its holders to propose improvements to the marketplace. Also, recommended; How to Mint NFTs on Mintable for Free in 2023 [The Beginner’s Guide]

How to Create (Mint) NFTs for Free on Rarible

To start creating NFTs for free on Rarible, follow the steps outlined below:

Step One: Navigate to, the official Rarible website.

Step Two: Click on "Connect wallet" to connect your crypto wallet to Rarible.

How to connect wallet on rarible

Select a wallet of your choice. We’re using the Coinbase wallet for the purpose of this tutorial. 

how to choose wallet on rarible
Coinbase lives, both on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain, and Coinbase wallet and exchange is very beginner-friendly and has both mobile and browser extensions.  Coinbase wallet can be downloaded for free here. Once you have downloaded and connected your crypto wallet to Rarible, move to the next stage and mint your NFT

Step Three: Start creating your NFTs. First, choose the blockchain you want to mint your NFTs on. Rarible currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Flow, and Tezos.

Choosing blockchain on rarible
Choose the type of NFT you want to create, which could be either single or multiple. Select multiples if you’re looking to create a collection of NFTs. Upload the image(s) and fill out all the information for each (title, description, and price) to mint your NFT.

how to mint single or multiple nfts on rarible
Note: If you choose to mint on the Ethereum blockchain for free on Rarible, switch free minting to enable lazy minting. When your NFT is sold on Rarible, it will be minted, automatically transferring the gas fees to the buyer. To learn more about lazy minting, refer back to; A step-by-step guide on how to mint NFTs for free in 2023

To mint completely for free at zero gas fee, select Polygon or any other blockchain of choice

Step Four: Click on "Create Item" and sign authorizations with your wallet after uploading your image(s) and filling in your information. 

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