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How to Apply to Access Bank 2023 Advance Africa Scholarship Program -->

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How to Apply to Access Bank 2023 Advance Africa Scholarship Program


Access Bank and Udacity 2023 scholarship program

Access Bank Plc. in line with their corporate philosophy is once again setting the peace in advancing the cause of young Africans into acquiring tech skills in their 2023 Advance Africa Scholarship Program [AASP]

In this program, Access Bank in partnership with Udacity is awarding 1,000 Nanodegree program scholarships to Africans.  This program is intended to enhance the future career or skill set in today’s most sought-after and in-demand tech skills of the participants

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 About the Program

Udacity is collaborating with Access Bank, a multinational commercial bank, to empower people in Africa interested in learning tech-forward skills to kick-start careers. Interested and qualified candidates will be provided hands-on learning opportunities in fields such as

  • Business Analytics,
  • Programming,
  • Data Science,
  • Product Management and
  • Digital Marketing.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital tools, the need for tech talent grows, and this is your chance to begin a long-term career in the tech space. Scholarship recipients in the cause of their training will complete a portfolio of real-world projects demonstrating mastery of highly sought-after tech skills.

 The Problem this Program Seeks Solve

With the commitment of Udacity and Access Bank to closing the divide between the number of tech jobs available and the number of Africans working in tech by providing opportunities to those who would not otherwise have them.  Together, they are offering for free:

  • 2,000 Nanodegree program scholarships for Africans to build practical, in-demand, cutting-edge tech skills.
  • Engagement with classmates in a robust, actively managed, student community to share ideas and collaborate.
  • Subject matter experts and on-demand tutors.

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Undoubtedly, the scholarship will create upskilling opportunities for individuals and give them the skills needed in the digital world. In fact, the tech industry comprises some of the highest growth, most in-demand careers today. As you already know, most of the biggest companies in the world today are all tech-related companies

How to Apply

To apply is easy and requires just a few steps as shown below

1. Visit the website here to begin your application process

2. Click Apply Now or scroll to where you have a Program to choose from and click any one of your choice to begin

3. It will take you to the page shown below, sign up

How to creat account in udacity access bank scholarship program

4. Next, you will be asked to start your application or nominate someone for the scholarship or you can do both one after the other

how to start application or nominate someone

5. After providing the needed information you will finally be asked to answer some logic quiz

That’s it you are done! Wait for selection

Good luck!

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