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Write Original Content For Us

A beautiful woman writing and developing content

  • Are you a talented writer and content creator? 
  • Are you looking for a rewarding side hustle or a career in content development? 
  • Would you like to join a team of solution-base thinkers on a mission to inform, educate, motivate, and unlock the productive capacity and potential of ordinary people and businesses with your creative and innovative content?

If any or all of the above questions are yes, then you are welcome to join our team. We are building a team and also looking for talented writers to create and develop original content for our blogs, podcast and YouTube videos on topics related to business and economy, personal finance and investment, tutorials [How TO Do] etc. The best part is that we pay you for your effort, BUT! Your content must be unique and original.

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Guidelines For Writing For Us

1. We take plagiarism seriously, therefore we only accept original content that is relevant to our niche.  Avoid submitting rewritten content that has already been published on other websites or platforms.

2. We do not accept rewritten content and make sure your content is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

3. Your content should be articulate and in short sentences but at least 500 words long with at least 2 do-follow backlinks, broken down into short paragraphs that are easy to understand and follow through by all categories of readers.

4. Ensure that your content provides value to our readers by sticking to our niche and giving detailed explanations, relevant examples, and pros and cons where necessary.

5. Your content should have at least a high-resolution image without any copywriter issues and it must be relevant to the topic you are writing on.

Terms And Conditions For Write For Us

1. Anyone writing for us will be held liable for any conflict arising from the originality of any content including the images.  Therefore it is the writer’s responsibility to ensure that the content is original and image copyright free.

2. Don’t submit anything that you have already published on your blog or any other site or platform.

3. Your content must contain the following

  • Unique post header (title)
  • Relevant and attractive (high-resolution) Images
  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Keywords

Benefits Of Write For Us

1. We pay N1000 per unique and original content.

2. A return backlinks from us if you are also a blogger

3. We will promote your information on our business websites and on social media for free

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How To Send Your Content To Us

Send your content via our e-mail to [email protected]

And we will get back to you within 48 hours to let you know the status of your content.

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